Industrial Automation

Your business is NOT insured, if you haven't yet used Automation.
- Lokesh patel



High productivity, High Quality, High Efficiency, High Flexibility, Higher information accuracy, High Safety & Reduces Production Cycle, Production  Cost, Manpower Cost, & Human Errors.


Days are gone for just Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), today we need Authorative Control over Data Acquisition. We have created next level Machine Automation tool which controls Machines, acquire's data, learns from historical data & advices to Human for decisions.

Only integrated approach towards Automation will survive longer. Hence overall upliftment of process cycle helps optimize Automation outputs. Our team is well aware of latest tools available & used globally for Automation, helping you to always select the right one required.

Automation done right should simplify processes and reduce low-skill, repeatable work – to free up your team for projects that make the most of its talents. Automation done wrong will create as much complexity – if not more – than it eliminates, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Automation systems are classified into four basic types, based on the flexibility and level of integration in manufacturing processes as below:

1. Fixed Automation
2. Programmable Automation
3. Flexible Automation
4. Integrated Automation

Your Industry / Our Brains

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Our approach is to understand your organization in terms of current infrastructure, procedures & practices. Next we would like to discuss your current requirements as well as your future targets.

We team up with experts of your industry & with collective aproach, design the most suitable & practicle Automation solution.

In our development & deployment cycle, our team always remain in touch with your organisation to reduce gaps in deliverables.

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